There is Something  for everyone at FocusNY 2018
13 speakers, print competition, parties, shoot-out and much more at the PPSNYS FocusNY convention at the beautiful Villa Roma Resort in Callicoon, NY
Going to Workshop? Three of our speakers, Rick Friedman, Vincent Versace and Marilyn Sholin will be workshop instructors. Get your sneak peek of what's in store at FocusNY!
Guess who’s coming to FocusNY 2018?
We have someone for everyone’s taste and specialty. You will leave knowing more, excited and anxious to put that newfound information and enthusiasm to work.
Start with Bruce Berg whose talk “Rockin’ the Senior Market” will get you pumped with creativity and energized with marketing ideas that work. Sponsored by White House Custom Color.
Joe Edelman will bring his unique brand of energy to two sessions, “Understanding Creativity” and “Social Media for Photographers”. These are sessions we ALL need to see! Hunt’s Photo is supporting Joe’s presentations.
Vincent Versace’s presentation is for the artists among us, “Black and White Capture and Printing”, or you can attend Marilyn Sholin’s talk “The Artist’s Touch” using Corel Painter. Her sponsor is Miller’s Lab.
More Photos is bringing us Kristy Steeves presentation “It’s All in the Details” and Michael Zide brings another aspect to our photography, “Things Half Hidden – Affirming a Sense of Place”, brought to us by MOAB Paper.
Ryan Brown will be sponsored by Sigma, and his talk “The Story Telling Portrait” explores the concept through creation of a strong portrait in any environment.
For those interested in photography after dark, Mark Bowie will be speaking on “Night Imagery & the Art of Seeing Creatively”. Mark is being sponsored by Hunt’s.
Marketing is critical to our success. After attending Joe Edelman’s talk on Social Media, come see Chris Wunder whose specialty is “Affinity Marketing”. Chris is sponsored by Marathon Press.
Michael Mowbray will keep us from tripping over our wires with his presentation on “The Cordless Studio”.
And for the nuts & bolts of our craft, Rick Friedman will talk on “Location Lighting” and Lisa and Tom Cuchara will illuminate your Photoshop workflow with “Creative Use of Blend Modes”.
Last but definitely not least is our friend “Jessica Lark” whose presentation on “Fantasy Fine Art” photography will take us to another world. Jessica is also our keynote speaker Sunday evening.
So you see, there REALLY IS something for everyone at FocusNY 2018. The theme is “Illumination”, and we promise that FocusNY 2018 will turn the lights on in your business and our craft.
Register today online, or download the registration form and mail it in, and get a $20 “Early Bird” discount. And reserve your room at the beautiful Villa Roma Resort in Callicoon NY at (845) 887-4880. Identify yourself as a FocusNY Attendee, and you will get special PPSNYS rate of only $119 per night.
Get in Focus! Become “Illuminated”!